MJC Law’s Kate Jackson and Jacob Simmons join Legal Aid Committees

MJC Law are thrilled to announce that Jacob Simmons, Trainee Solicitor, is now a committee member of the Young Legal Aid Lawyers (YLAL) and Kate Jackson, Solicitor and Director, is joining the Legal Aid Practitioners Group (LAPG) Advisory Committee.

As a member of YLAL, Jacob will work alongside other junior lawyers to achieve the YLAL’s objectives, which include:

         To campaign for a sustainable legal aid system which provides good quality legal help to those who could not otherwise afford to pay for it.

         To promote the interests of new entrants and junior lawyers and to increase social mobility and diversity within the legal aid sector.

–     To provide a network for likeminded people beginning their careers in the legal aid sector.

Jacob will have the opportunity to volunteer to be part of specific initiatives that work towards achieving these objectives and promoting the interests of vulnerable people.

As part of the LAPG’s Advisory Committee, Kate will join a group of specialist lawyers, costs draftsmen and practice managers, including MJC’s Practice Manager, Helen Fanning, and work closely with other representative bodies to promote the importance of Legal Aid. The Advisory Committee work towards achieving the LAPG’s vision “To ensure that everyone in England and Wales can enforce or defend their legal rights regardless of their means or circumstances”. To fulfil this, Kate will attend a range of operational and policy meeting and assist with answering member enquiries.

These appointments further illustrate MJC Law’s continued commitment to publicly funded work and promoting access to legal help for the most vulnerable in society.

Helen, who has been on the LAPG Advisory Committee for 4 years, says “This is great news! It is lovely to see others within the firm volunteering to be part of these committees and highlights our continued support for these organisations.”

Congratulations Jacob and Kate!