Ho Yen Keiran Chan


Telephone: 0113 4830188

Mobile:  07936 702 850

Email: hoyenkeiran.chan@mjc-law.co.uk


Keiran studied Law at the University of Leeds and graduated in the summer of 2022. During his studies into criminal law, he gained a brief insight into the effects that mental health can have upon the court’s approach to the law. This inspired his interest in mental health law and the difficulties encountered by vulnerable individuals.

During his studies when he had time to travel, he would spend his summer in Hong Kong working with vulnerable individuals, these included elderly people, or families who struggled to support themselves due to different challenges. The tasks he assisted with would be as simple as helping them with day-to-day tasks such as cleaning, shopping, or perhaps even just spending time with them, yet the gratitude and happiness from achieving all this further drove his passion.

Against this background, Keiran decided that he wanted to help those who struggle as a result of their mental and physical limitations and joining MJC Law was one of the best ways he felt he could achieve this outcome.