MJC Law welcomes Poppy the puppy

After the exciting announcement that Conor Maguire was getting a puppy, we are thrilled to welcome Poppy to the MJC Law team! She is the newest ‘support staff’ member and we know she will be a great addition to the Nottingham Office.

Many studies have shown that having dogs around creates a better working environment. They help reduce stress and anxiety, whilst offering social support. In turn, this results in increased productivity, better morale, and communication. Working within law can often be very busy and stressful, but with the addition of Poppy to the office, we hope that our staff will reap the benefits. In a recent study it was found that 90% of employees in a pet-friendly work environment felt fully engaged with their work compared to less than 65% of employees in a non-pet-friendly workplace. This is due to the benefit of taking regular breaks, such as being go out on walks or just spending some time away from work.

Poppy is also extremely cute, just seeing her is enough to make you smile!