MJC Law supporting OneFest week 2023

OneFest 2023 took place from 15 July to 21 July 2023, and this year MJC Law went along to celebrate with the learning disabled and autistic community.

OneFest is a week-long arts and culture festival based in Mansfield and Ashfield. The purpose of OneFest is for the community to come together to experience theatre, comedy, music and more, as well as smashing the stigma and segregation learning disabled and autistic people face in society. OneFest offers a platform for learning disabled and autistic people to showcase their talents, express themselves and to be proud of who they are, with the rest of the community alongside them in support.


MJC Law attended and sponsored three OneFest 2023 events: the Pride Event, the Comedy Night event and The Gig event.


OneFest Pride


The OneFest Learning Disability Pride event kicked off the week-long festival. Attendees heard speeches, took part in a Pride march and partied the day away with a brilliant line up of artists. 

OneFest Comedy Night

This years’ Comedy Night saw comedian, actress, playwright and speaker Francesca Martinez MCing at the Comedy Night between sets and then headlining the event. This year Francesca mentored six OneFest trainee stand-up comedians, and the Comedy Night was their time to showcase their five-minute stand-up routine. The freshest and funniest gags, challenging disability stereotypes, were heard by the audience, and the response was a room filled with laughter. 


OneFest The Gig


The Gig saw a huge rock line up; Beat Express, a learning disabled and neurodivergent band, opened the evening and warming up the crowd. Beat Express were followed by THePETEBOX with guest star OliBeats who dazzled the crowd with their beatboxing and live lopping talent. The headliner of the night was Tigercub, international rock band, with OliBeats making another guest appearance to play the drums. 

OneFest is a brilliant festival, MJC Law highly recommend the event and encourage everyone as well as the learning disabled and autistic community to attend OneFest 2024!