Lizzie MacMahon


Telephone: 0115 6950084

Mobile: 07562601241


Lizzie specialises in Court of Protection health and welfare matters and community care law.

Lizzie studied History and Philosophy at the University of Sheffield, before joining a criminal law firm in Oxfordshire. This work inspired Lizzie to pursue a career in law, so she completed the Graduate Diploma in Law at Oxford Brookes University, and her Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the University of Law in Birmingham. Lizzie then returned to her previous firm as a paralegal in the Crown Court department. Lizzie became an Accredited Police Station Representative, advising clients under arrest around the clock. 


Lizzie MacMahon

Lizzie moved to Sheffield to commence her training contract at a national law firm, where she was introduced to Court of Protection and community care law, and decided these were the specialisms she wanted to dedicate herself to. Lizzie joined the department when she qualified as a solicitor in March 2018.

Lizzie receives instructions from litigation friends, advocates and RPRs on behalf of those who lack capacity, as well as concerned family members. Lizzie also represents individuals wishing to challenge decisions relating to their care packages, such as local authority decisions to reduce or withdraw services, and advising on the merits of applications for judicial review. Lizzie is very passionate about representing vulnerable adults, both those in the community in need of better care packages, and those objecting to being deprived of their liberty in care homes and hospitals.

Whilst Lizzie is based in MJC Law’s Nottingham office, she lives in Oxford, and can take on cases across the Midlands and the south, expanding the firm’s geographical reach.