Funding for care from the NHS

If you need care support because of a health condition, it may be that your care should be provided and funded by the NHS either in the community or in residential care. This is called NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding.   If the NHS does fund or should be funding your care then, because NHS care is free at the point of use, you should not be made to pay for that care or be charged a contribution towards it.  

Disputes often arise about whether or not the NHS should be made to pay for care. At MJC Law, we are experts in the rules that govern when the NHS should fund care and can help in disputes that arise in this area including disputes around: 

  • Assessments of eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare funding
  • Re-assessments of patients which take them out of eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare funding
  • Reclaiming fees paid for historic care which ought to have been funded by the NHS although there are time limits for reclaiming in these circumstances

The law in relation to disputes about whether someone should be funded by the NHS for their care is complex.  If you think you or a loved one is being charged unfairly for care that should be paid for by the NHS, contact us without delay and we will do our best to help.