Tens of thousands of people depend on health care services provided by the NHS and social care services provided by local City and County Councils. Health care and social care law deals with the obligations the NHS and Councils have to the people who need their services in all kinds of situations including in hospital, in the community, in care homes and in children’s homes. For the most part the standard of care and support that the State provides is appropriate to meet the needs of those who need help. However, news of budget cuts is common and the effect of cuts is that there is more pressure than ever on the services that thousands of people rely on to help them get by day to day and some people can find themselves cut off from the services and support they need to meet their needs.

MJC Law has experts in health care and social care law who can help you get the support you need and are entitled to, to make sure you have the best support possible to live your life to the full. Our lawyers have helped people with almost every aspect of health care and social care law including:

Legal aid is often available to help clients who have difficulties involving local authorities and the NHS and we have a contract to provide assistance through legal aid to those who qualify for it. If you are not eligible for legal aid it may be possible to fund your case through insurance that you may already have. If it is necessary to pay privately, we can discuss a number of options to find a payment plan that best suits your circumstances.

If you disagree with a health or social care decision and would like more information please contact us.