About Us

MJC Law is a specialist law firm, offering advice and representation in cases involving the Court of Protection, mental health and social care and health law.

MJC Law was founded by Conor Maguire, Kate Jackson and Lauren Crow, all of whom are nationally recognised practitioners in their fields. MJC Law was established to offer a vehicle to provide expert legal advice to some of the most vulnerable in society and their families, without having to compromise for the wider business needs of a multi offering law firm.

The founders have dedicated their careers to supporting those who lack capacity to make particular decisions for themselves, those with mental health problems, and those with physical disabilities in need of community care services, as well as their families and supporters. They are passionate about championing the rights of the individuals they represent and addressing injustices where they arise. With the development of MJC Law they have been able to focus exclusively on their specialisms, in order to give the highest quality personal service to clients.

MJC Law is supported in managing the firm by Helen Fanning, an experienced legal practice manager.


Our Values


MJC Law prides itself on:

  • The expertise of its practitioners
  • The respect we give to our clients
  • Our determination to achieve results that will benefit our clients
  • Our commitment to providing equality of opportunity for all who work with us
  • Having effective systems and processes to support the provision of an excellent client service
  • Being effectively managed


Meet the Team